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Shell Chip

The sparkle of a small shell chip is a eye catching feature when producing a range of terrazo surface or swimming pool finishes

Paua chip in polished concrete floors and benchtops is a popular recent trend.

Trochus or Mother of Pearl gives a whiter sparkly appearance in more neutral coloured floors and benchtop surfaces

  1. - No Minimum quantity

  2. - Immediate shipment possible, subject to quantity

  3. - Various chip sizes available

  4. - View product information below or click here to email us for more information

  5. WhiteMOP 1mm
    FreshwaterMOP -1-4mm
    WhiteMOP 3mm
    WhiteMOP 6mm
    Paua 2mm
    Paua 4mm
    Paua 6mm
    Paua 10mm
    Trochus - 1-4mm
    Trochus - 5-10mm
    Trochus - 10-15mm
    Trochus0.8-1.2 condensed
    Trochus1.2-1.8 Condensed
    Trochus1.8-3.0 Condensed
    0.5mm Paua Chip Condensed
    1mm Paua Chip Condensed
    In Concrete Floor
    Wall decorating
    Bathroom Floor
    Pool Sparkle
    Dark floors
    Counter Tops
    added to Stone Tiles