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White Mother Of Pearl

Pinctada maxima oyster

Highly valued as sensual, enduring gems of the sea, White Mother of Pearl shells (Pinctada maxima oyster) are cultured on farms in the crystal clear turquoise seas of Northern Australia. White Mother of Pearl shell is a by-product of Pearl production. The shell is the same natural lustrous material as the pearl itself, often called natural nacre.
Traditionally used for high quality buttons, this shell these days is used more for high quality watch dials, jewellery, laminate and shell mosaic or tiles.

Supplied Graded:

  1. - In FCL 15,000 KG or LCL minimum 500 KG quantities.

  2. - Graded to different standards on each pearl farm

  3. - Seasonal supply, enquire for availability and grading information

  4. - Trophy and Carving shells sold from Riverton warehouse

  5. - Trophy or Carving Shells - click here to view more details & purchase

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