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Black Mother of Pearl

Pinctada margaritifera oyster

Black Mother of Pearl shells, the dark, silky gems from the South seas are cultured in the lagoons of Tahitian and Cook Island atolls. The Pinctada margaritifera oyster (or Black-lip mother of Pearl) produces a unique dark lustrous free-form or marbe pearl. The lustrous dark-lipped shell must be the ocean's black beauty. An eye-catching look for jewellery, laminate, tiles and tumbled pieces.

  • Supplied Graded or Semi-graded

    - A Graded - sizes 6-10cm, 10-13cm, 13-15cm, 15cm up. Quality - no significant worm, double backs, dead shell or blemishes to surface.

    - B grade - includes wormy, broken, half dead or spotted faces.

    - Semi-Graded - size 6 cm up, approximately 10% 8cm-10cm, 80% 10-12cm, 10% 12cm up. All dead and reject shell removed.

    - Trophy or Carving Shells - click here to view more details & purchase

    Quantities Available:

  • - Shipped by container from Tahiti or Cook Islands 15,000 KG up to 20,000 kg.

  • - Smaller LCL or courier shipments possible from Riverton, New Zealand. No minimum quantity by courier.

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